Business Visa Canada

Being second largest country in the world, Canada is engaged in offering huge opportunity for enterprising new businesses. Further with few leading cities, Canada offers mature financial and healthcare sectors and growing industry for a great scope for businesses. NB Group can help you access this vast pool of opportunity with our Canada Business Visa Solutions. To assist do business, Canada offers various Business Visas that allow entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to temporarily visit Canada to accomplish business. With the Canada Business Visa, visitors can:

  • Visit Canada for the purpose of business
  • Buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
  • Taking orders for goods or services
  • Going to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs
  • Attend business shows and conferences
  • Going to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs
  • Meet prospective clients and take new orders
  • Attend training from your company in Canada
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The Canada Business Visa allows you to stay upto 6 months in Canada. Moreover, the person with this visa is not allowed to work for any company in Canada. They are allowed to have business meetings, provide or receive training and sign any potential agreements.

Business Visa Eligibility

Further to avail the visitor visa for business purposes you must meet some basic requirements. You must have a passport which is valid for 6 months or more. Have no criminal or immigration related convictions.  Prove the immigration officer that you have ties to your home country and you will leave at the end of your business deal completes. Have enough money for your stay in Canada and the need of money depends on the purpose of your visit and how long you plan to stay.

If you are unable to prove that you are eligible for the Canadian business visa, then your application will be rejected. Even you application or visa can be rejected for security or health related reasons. The eligibility criteria for the Canadian Business Visa are more extensive than the ones for visiting since the government and Embassy want to make sure that you will not try to work in Canada illegally. Our team of experts can assist you with reviewing your eligibility and assisting you with the application. Book a consultation to find out more!

How to apply for Business Visa

On the off chance that you meet the qualification criteria clarified above, you can begin your application process to get a Canada Business Visa. There are a few steps you should go through, as follows:

  • Confirm your eligibility for a Business visa for Canada.
  • Accumulate the supporting documents and application forms.
  • Submit your Business visa application.
  • Wait for processing and respond to additional requests for information.
  • Send your passport for stamping.
  • Once you submit all the documents, you can proceed with your application and pay the visa application fees.