LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Canada Visa

LMIA implies Labor Market Impact Assessment. LMIA is a record that a business in Canada might have to get prior to recruiting a foreign worker. Notwithstanding, unfamiliar laborers and Canadian managers the same should realize that the LMIA cycle is a long way from direct. For quite a long time individuals have been cheated for the sake of work license in Canada. While it's feasible to get Canadian work grant, it's not too simple. One requires job offer from qualified Canadian employer. Likewise, this bid for employment must be approved (LMIA) by Service Canada. Canada's LMIA interaction fills in as evidence that no Canadian resident or long-lasting occupant is eager to get going to fill a particular situation in Canada, thus the business is permitted to enlist an unfamiliar specialist. To acquire a LMIA, employers should publicize the situation for something like a month and conceivably talk with up-and-comers who are Canadian residents or permanent residents.

LMIA applications are detailed and require lots of documentation and statistical tabulation such as a numerical breakdown of the number of Canadian applicants for the position, the number of offers of employment made, and the number of unqualified applicants. Employers must provide a written description of why each un-hired Canadian was not qualified for the job. Not all work permit types require a LMIA to be issued; work permit streams that are LMIA-exempt come under the International Mobility Program.

Canada PR through Investment

Willing to Start your Journey from India to Canada? Canada PR Visa is a popular choice for those looking to migrate to Canada. Migration by investment programmes are now the fastest growing area of immigration law, as people come to realize emigration by investment is not just a desirable way to secure Permanent Residency, but a vital part of many effective Canadian Immigration cases. Especially popular with people not suitable for a skilled worker pathway. There are several investor options currently available. Canada is on the lookout for newcomers who have the entrepreneurial experience to start, manage or buy a business in the country. With the new foreign investment, Canada can ensure the continued success of its economy through diversification and development.

Canada Education Consultants

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